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Safe Melt®



What is Safe Melt:


Safe Melt is an all natural environmentally friendly  deicing liquid made from the by-products of the wood industry added to a base of calcium.


Safe Melt for Municipalities:

  • Treat your salt stock piles
  • Use with on board pre-wetting systems
  • Pre-treat roadways ( Direct applications )

Delivered to your site- 4,500 gallon tankers


What Safe Melt does for you:

  • Treat your salt piles with Safe melt deicing liquid and you can reduce your salt usage by 30%-50%  when used as a coated product during salting operations.
  • Use on board pre-wetting systems to enhance your salt at spinner to get fast melting when its too cold for regular salt. 

 How Safe Melt Works:

Before precipitation:
  • Safe Melt deicing liquid can be applied hours before a storm to create a teflon-like coating on the pavement to prevent the bonding of ice and snow on surfaces.
During precipitation:
  • Safe Melt deicing liquid can be sprayed onto salt to create a coating that encapsulates the salt, reducing the corrosion and taking the melting power down to -20 degrees with the longest melting residuals on the market today


 Safe Melt -sold by the pallet  $14.00 per bag plus shipping/tax

                                                                                 ( 49 on pallet )


To order products please call (860) 674-9184. For additional information or questions, contact us using this web page or send us an email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.