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"The first year we used the product, we noticed our sanders were coming back to the yard one third full."

Chip Barrett
Highway Superintendent
Westford, MA


"In past years we have had hard packed snow on our roads and walks. Since we started using Safe Melt® on our campus we are able to maintain clear and safe roads and walkways"

Tony D’Agostino
Superintendent of Grounds, Miss Porters School


"Safe Melt® works fantastic; we have cut our (salt) use in half and eliminated our use of sand. It makes our salt work at much lower temperatures and we see a big difference in our roads during and after the storm."

Dave McLaughlin
Billerica, MA


"Safe Melt® saved our hides this winter. With the shortage of road salt it has enabled us to keep the roads safe with fewer applications and less material."

John Batchelder
Asst. Supt. Operations
Stoughton, MA


“Safe Melt® is our back bone. If we know a potential for icing is predicted, we pre-treat our parking lots and walkways which prevents the ice from bonding to the pavement and makes cleanup fast. No more chopping of ice”

K.W. Construction Services
Farmington, CT.


“...(Safe Melt®) makes the salt stay in the roadway longer. It seems to leave residue that helps the next time it snows. It has also cut down the amount of sand and salt used which will make spring cleanup much easier.”

Alan Tetreault
Highway Surveyor
Mendon, MA


“We pre-treat our roads with Safe Melt®. This product effectively eliminates “hardpack” by not allowing snow and ice to bond to the pavement. This product has allowed us to cut down on our sand and salt applications.”

Rich Voutas


"After fine tuning operations for several years, we finally eliminated the use of sand."

Frank Shea
Highway Superintendent
Wilbraham, MA


"I wish we had known about Safe Melt® sooner."

Bob Lovel
Highway Supervisor
Barnstable, MA


"It has left a lasting residual that often provides a de-icing layer in the event of a storm event closely following an application. We have also had better results with product added salt at lower temperatures in the range of 10° F to minus 10° F"

Henry Henderson
Public Works Director
Springfield, VT